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Welcome to en Exhbition at T18 Cafe
from 04-02-2013 to 01-04-2013
Torggata 18




Opening day 26.04.12 , Kl 18.00
New Exhibition 26. 04. to 06. 05. 2012
Fredag, mandag, tirsdag kl 13- 18
Lørdag, søndag 12- 16
Onsdag 2. og torsdag 3. mai kl 16.30- 1900
Gallery Vepsebolet
Løkkeveien 11 (inng. Huitfeldsgate)
Vika, Oslo

 You can see my Paintings also.
16.04.2012 to 15.05.2012
in Kafe T18
Torggata 18, 0181 Oslo

by: Phadi Mubda


  • Welcome
    My name is Phadi Mubda and i am an artist. I paint for a living and love it. I invite you to brows my paintings and enjoy my work.
  • Exhipitions
    Please drop by when i have Exhipitions. I am always availabla to discuss and talk about art.
  • Exhipition
    I encurage you to give me a comment or feedback on my work. I enjoy hearing the feelings other have about the paintings.